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It’s been a pleasure serving you as Brandywine Branch since 2015. During this time, we have been evolving and expanding from our regional roots to a national presence. As part of this process, the original owners of Brandywine Branch, Scott, and Don Avellino, wanted the name to reflect better who we are today — a botanical distillery. Using the finest botanicals sourced from around the world and our own backyard, our passion for plants permeates everything we do. So, combining ‘botanical’ + ‘distillery’ we decided on the playful portmanteau, Botanery Barn (Bo-tan-ery Barn.)

Who Are We

Over the summer, you will see a series of changes to the distillery, restaurant, and our brands, Revivalist Garden Gin and Resurgent Botanical Whiskeys. A lot of thought and dedication has gone into creating and delivering an enhanced experience for you. We celebrate the power of plants from root to fruit and are excited to share our innovative craft spirits, cocktails, and dishes with you.  Please join us at our farm-to-table restaurant, tour the distillery, explore the gardens, and more. We hope you enjoy your Botanery Barn experience!


Find out more about the evolution from Brandywine Branch to Botanery Barn and get access to our most popular cocktail recipes.

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