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A selection of fine Bourbon, robust Rye, and exceptional Whiskey

Small-batch Whiskey

There is something special about small-batch craft spirits. Maybe the smaller batch size allows our master distiller to be intimately involved with each distillation. Perhaps the supply of the finest ingredients is insufficient for the "mega-corporate" spirits found in fine wine and spirits shops. Whatever it is, your journey of discovery begins here.

Young American Whiskey


Distilled from a specially designed small grains mash bill lending the finished spirit a spicy, complex perfection. Resurgent Bourbon is blended to offer a lighter, highly approachable bourbon that shines in cocktails without overpowering other creatively added ingredients.

Nosed for balance and readiness to bottle, this bourbon offers a slightly less wood influenced taste profile. Malted barley finishes the base with a sweetness . . . and remarkably soft mouth feel. Notes of honey, peach and peppery vanilla as it flows over the tongue.


​Resurgent Straight Rye Whiskey was distilled from a custom-crafted mash bill & has been aging in commissioned barrels made of new American white oak. It rests for at least 4 years. This rye lends a strong flavor of its own while maintaining Rye's malleability for the adventurous cocktail designer.

Notes of butterscotch and caramel sweetness upfront blend with fresh straw & toasted cereal. Luscious toffee, vanilla & marshmallow finish with a distinct peppery spice.

Custom Cask Whiskey


Our double Gold Medal Winning Custom Cask single barrel straight bourbon rests for at least four years in commissioned barrels made of an unusually high quality new American white oak - crafted by master coopers in Kentucky who normally build superior wine casks for award winning wines. Our barrels were charred to our specifications, filled and brought north to us for further aging.

Nose is of a deeply sherried single malt then the rich chocolate notes drop back, and the anise/cinnamon spice of the rye comes through. Hints of peach and apple peel present and soften to a beautiful fruit balance. Wash of maple, blackberry and apple with mild vanilla and pastry crème. A tang of anise (slight) and a velvet mouthfeel. Notes of pepper coat the tongue. Rich black tea and Demerara sugar cubes finish.

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